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Being a part of the KH/FF fandom consists of reblogging the same god damn image in different photo edits and gif formants with minuscule differences for 30000000 years until a game is released and we get more material to photo edit and gif.

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Finished Tokyo Ghoul.

Aaaaaand now I have to read the manga.

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My fiction writing teacher pretty much gave us a thirty page limit on our stories, and I  think I can finish it within those parameters, but I’m so scared the sheer girth of my story will put people off.

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Hyrule warriors yas

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I dont usually complain about shit like this on here but here I go. My roommates have no crossed the line of eating my food. Granted, it was only a bag of crasins, but coming home to find the bag nearly empty and open on my counter when I bought it last week really pisses me off. Especially since they were on MY shelf. That comes along with the fact that nearly every time I try to eat at my apartment, my dishes and cookware are all dirty because nobody else apararantly thought to bring their own shit. I miss my old roommates. They at least respected my stuff.

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